About Toni


Toni Kaplan is a second year student at the University of Maine. She began in the computer science major but switched to the New Media major hoping to experience more opportunities for creative expression. At at age of eight she began experimenting with web design and her interest in digital arts grew from there. She was a child of extremes, someone who could pass summers outside building hands-on projects or spend hours inside creating graphics, films or webpages. In the years since Toni has refined her skill set to span a wide variety of applications, media and programming languages. Her recent projects have been focused on 3D modeling and sculpture.

Creative Statement:

My aim is to create pieces of functional art physically and digitally. Although I do believe in "art for the sake of art," my ideal would be a unification of function and form. My artistic inspirations draw upon the clean lines and functionality of the Eames and Bauhaus schools, although paradoxically I do enjoy the complex ornamentation of the Art Deco era because of personal and artistic stylings it applies to industrially produced objects. I hope to incorporate elements of these schools of art into my work by creating objects and media that are intuitive and streamlined without losing the personal touch of the artist.